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Suzy Dito

I have been practicing and studying mindfulness and behavior change for over 25 years and bring my experience to others through teaching and coaching.  I launched my company, Greenhouse Wisdom, to lead others through change--gently and effectively.

Blending my Masters degree in Counseling Psychology and certifications in Yoga, Interactive Guided Imagery, Qigong, massage therapy and meditation, I meld a variety of proven techniques to individualize my coaching/teaching based on your focused objectives. Over the years, I have worked in the medical arena, bringing guided meditation and massage to chronically and terminally ill patients, their families and caregivers to support their quality of life.  I am also recognized for designing and implementing programs for cancer survivors and Veterans dealing with PTSD.

With over 15 years of experience facilitating and leading workshops, I am able to design and deliver four or eight hour workshops unique perspective to working with groups by accessing and illuminating their strengths while assisting them in implementing change. 

Why we need to create our space

A greenhouse offers a safe and protected environment in which plants grow and thrive. We all require discipline in a safe environment to make and maintain change.  I see myself as an ally on your journey by offering techniques to rebalance yourself in mind, body and spirit.  Gentle reminders to 'return to center' and come back  into balance after life events and changes create space--whether it be time in our busy lives or exploring new areas make larger changes is vital to our growth and peace of mind.  Know that you have all of the answers within--they just need space to emerge!

Start today!

Come and explore how you can create and implement change in your life!  Whether joining a Class or experiencing a Private Session--you will become clear on your next steps to feeling fulfilled and content. Learning and applying proven wellness techniques in your everyday life will allow you to achieve your full potential and live with passion and purpose.