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Moon Celebration Testimonial


"Suzy leads a physical practice that embodies a spiritual journey and aligns us with the forces of the universe.

What’s most remarkable is that you can actually feel the practice on each of those levels.”

What People Experience


"It was so lovely to take the time to reflect and set intentions for this moon and year. Your space is warm, inviting, and calming. I was almost immediately able to bring myself to a place of mindful thought by you gifting me this time for myself. myself to a place of mindful thought by you gifting me this time for myself."


Private Sessions


"Suzy's office is light and welcoming--just like her! The guided meditation I experienced was unique and allowed me to see a new perspective"


Versatile & Accessible


Experiential exercises which engage the five senses and/or promote you to allow for change in your life.

Individuals & Groups


Whether you attend Group events or an individual session, meditations and exercises are designed specifically towards your goals.

What is True...


Whether hoping to reduce stress, improve your emotional/physical well-being or simply explore yourself, research shows that taking the time to slow down increases your lifespan.